Kenton Twinning Association

Kenton twinned with St Lambert-du-Lattay (France) and Linkebeek (Belgium) in 1996 in a ceremony on Kenton Triangle. A twinning weekend is organised every other year in one of the villages (e.g. 2012 in Linkebeek, 2014 in Kenton and 2016 in St Lambert). The twinning committees of the three villages also encourage other groups to have their own exchanges, one example of which was the visit to Kenton in 2010 by the Linkebeek Camerata Orchestra.

Twinning weekends involve different social events intended to provide something to appeal to everyone, and it really is true that twinning is fun. The Twinning has no formal membership, and all its events are open to everyone who wishes to participate.

St Lambert-du-Lattay is a wine growing village in the Anjou region, situated about 20 km south of Angers. Linkebeek is close to Brussels but has kept a rural character which has encouraged a number of artists to live there.

Kenton Twinning Association is largely funded from its own fundraising, though it has benefited from grant funding from time to time. Entertaining 100 visitors from France and Belgium is an expensive business and our funds also subsidise the cost of travel to St Lambert and Linkebeek in order to make those trips affordable for everyone. We aim to make our fundraising events social and enjoyable. Our biggest annual fundraiser is the Duck Race held each year on New Years Day.

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For further information please contact:
Richard Walford: (01626) 890617 or
Julie Gibbs: (01626) 890083

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