Kenton Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Kenton Neighbourhood Development Plan has reached its final Pre-submission draft stage, and is now available for formal public consultation. Details of the consultation are in a letter which will be circulated to all addresses in the Parish of Kenton during February 2019.

The consultation period will last from 1st February until 31st March.

All residents, landowners and business owners in Kenton are invited to comment. The Plan and related evidence can be viewed by clicking the button below. Paper copies are available from Kenton Post Office, Kenton Parish Church and The Dolphin Inn, during their respective normal opening times, and also from Teignbridge District Council Offices, Brunel Rd, Newton Abbot between 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Comments should be sent by e-mail to and written comments to KNP, c/o Kenton Post Office, EX6 8LD. All comments must include the name and address of the author, as anonymous comments cannot be accepted, and must be received by 5pm on 31st March 2019.

All comments will be reviewed by the Kenton Neighbourhood Plan steering group at the group meeting to be held on Wednesday 3rd April. Any consequent amendments will be made to the Plan, which will then go to Teignbridge District Council for further consultation and subsequently to an Independent Examiner. If approved, or after amendments to gain approval, there will be a formal referendum in which all residents of Kenton Parish aged 18 or over will be eligible to vote.

The Plan can be found by following the link below:

Kenton Neighbourhood Plan



The Village Shop