Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are a new way of helping local communities to guide and influence the future development and growth of the area in which they live and work, and were introduced by the Localism Act (2011). Their primary purpose is to influence planning for sustainable development which the community wants and needs. Neighbourhood Plans have a statutory status which requires that the local planning authority must take them into account when making planning decisions. 

Kenton Parish Council decided to investigate preparing a Kenton Neighbourhood Plan in late 2013 and, after a number of local drop-in meetings and a presentation at the 2014 Annual Parish Meeting gave support to the idea, formally approved this in September 2014. A steering group of parish councillors and parishioners was set up to undertake the work and funding was obtained to enable it. Kenton Neighbourhood Area was formally confirmed by Teignbridge District Council in April 2015.

In July 2015, questionnaires were devised and circulated to all parishioners to find out what the local community thinks about Kenton. The steering group wanted to hear from as wide a range of local people as possible - residents, businesses, young people, older people, community groups, service providers, and other interested parties, so there was an adults questionnaire and one designed specifically for younger people. The results can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, funding was obtained from a Government agency to appoint a consultant to advise and guide the steering group. Work commenced on preparing an evidence base, looking at areas such as the local economy, the local environment, housing, heritage, local transport and roads, etc. The resulting evidence document was completed in March 2016 and can be viewed here.

A workshop with our consultant and the steering group was held in February 2016 to devise the aims and objectives of our Neighbourhood Plan, which were agreed by Kenton Parish Council in April 2016 and presented to parishioners at the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting. The aims and objectives can be viewed here.

A priority for the steering group was to determine the need for housing in our locality and so it has commissioned two Housing Needs Assessments using further funding obtained from a government agency. The first assessment was undertaken by AECOM using a wide range of published data to provide advice on the housing required, based on need and/or demand. The report, received in January 2017, can be viewed here. To balance this, a second assessment was undertaken by Devon Communities Together, based on a postal questionnaire distributed to all households in the Kenton Neighbourhood Area, to determine residents’ views and needs regarding housing. The report can be viewed here.

The steering group meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the committee room at Kenton Victory Hall. The constitution can be viewed here and meetings are open to all parishioners who are very welcome to participate.

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