Draft Local Plan Review Site Options Consultation

Published: 21 June 2021

The Draft Local Plan (Part 2) is the third step in Teignbridge District Council's update to the existing Local Plan which was adopted in May 2014.  Within the next few years this plan, alongside the Local Plan Part 1 (which was consulted on in March to July 2020), will replace the existing Local Plan in full.

The Draft Local Plan (Part 2) sets out options for where different types of development might be located over a 20 year period. The information included within the plan:  

  • Shows you all of the development options which are available for public comment
  • Provides information about each of the different options

Residents are encouraged to send their comments during the consultation period which runs from 14 June until 9 August.   

The consultation documents can be found at https://www.teignbridge.gov.uk/planning/local-plans-and-policy/local-plan-review-2020-2040/ 

The Parish Council's response can be found here.